‘Expendables 3′ Leaked Online Weeks Before Release


The third movie in the “Expendables” franchise has been leaked online and in full quality nearly three weeks before its scheduled release in theaters. The high-profile leak highlights the role technology is playing in forcing the movie industry to adapt to the changing times. The “movie theater” model of distribution may still be profitable and well-liked by the … Read more

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Google Stops Calling Games with In-App Purchases “Free”


On Friday, Google announced that it would no longer be categorizing games that have in-app purchases as “free” in the Google Play store. The decision stems from concerns recently expressed by the European Commission about how mobile apps are regulated. For now at least, the decision only seems to affect the EU, but eventually, it … Read more

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Streaming Music Services Are Dominating The Industry


2014 is shaping up to be a good year for streaming music as its popularity continues to increase, while sales of CD’s and MP3 downloads have fallen dramatically. According to a recent Nielsen Soundscan report, streaming music services are more popular than ever, with a 42 percent increase in streams compared to this same time in 2013. This increase … Read more

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Minecraft’s Influence Continues To Grow


The 2009 blockbuster video game has continued to rise in popularity and is showing little sign of letting up on its historic run to become the best-selling game of all-time. According to Patrick Geudar — an employee of Mojang — Minecraft sales had nearly topped 54 million as of the last week of June. For perspective, estimates put sales of the … Read more

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New Technologies Embraced in 2014 World Cup

Tim Howard

Fans of the 2014 World Cup have witnessed some great action on the field over the past three weeks, but for tech-enthusiasts, there’s been plenty to see, as well. A number of new technologies have shown-up on the field and are making a noticeable impact on the tournament: 1) Goal-line cameras: These cameras allow for a more accurate determination of … Read more

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NFL To Allow Tablet Computer Usage During Games

NFL Logo

 The NFL is taking its first step into the 21st century by allowing coaching staff to use tablets on the sidelines. The use of new technologies in sports is a topic that has a history of igniting some lively discussions between fans. Typically, on one side of the debate will be those who are eager to see the … Read more

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Internet-TV Start-up Aereo Loses Supreme Court Battle


 The first real challenger to the major television broadcasting companies has been defeated. Aereo, a young tech-company aiming to deliver live television to users through the Internet, has lost its legal battle with major broadcasting companies. The U.S.-based company was launched in 2012 and quickly gained momentum with consumers eager to trade in a viewing experience based on cable … Read more

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Viewers Decide Reality Show’s Fate in Real-Time


 The second-screen is starting to influence how television shows are made.  Just about every TV show seems to have a companion app these days, but few offer the capabilities afforded by the app for ABC’s new music competition show “Rising Star”. The remarkable aspect of this companion app is that it lets viewers decide whether the … Read more

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