Player-Tracking NFL Technology Introduced by League


The National Football League has equipped players with sensors to allow tracking of their movement in real-time. This season, sensors have been embedded into the shoulder pads of players in the NFL, in an effort to track motion in real-time during games. So far, use of the technology has been limited to mainly showing fans how fast … Read more

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Impact of Innovation Audio Book Now Available!


The first book in the Impact of Innovation series is now available as an audio book! Download it for free today when you sign up for an account at or purchase it directly from iTunes. As a reminder, if audio books aren’t your thing, the e-book and paperback versions are available now on Amazon and can … Read more

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‘JamStik Guitar’ Turns Mobile Devices into Instruments


The “JamStik Guitar”, which aims to turn mobile devices into portable music-making machines, is now being offered to the masses via the Apple and Amazon online stores. The name of the device may sound a bit familiar, as it was mentioned in the tech-news outlets quite a bit back in early 2013, when the device was first announced. Since … Read more

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‘Myo Armband’ Aims to Bring Gesture-Control to All Devices


Myo — an armband designed to detect arm movements and hand gestures — is set to transform how we interact with just about every electronic device around us. The device is placed on the user’s arm and then “listens” for muscle activity. When known combinations of movements are detected, the device can send a signal directing another device to perform … Read more

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3D Tech Has Little Effect on Emotional Response to Films

Red blue 3D glasses Wallpaper__yvt2

Although a great deal of efforts are underway to bring more 3D experiences to the masses, a newly published study suggests that the extra time, energy, and resources put into making a 3D film ultimately have very little impact on a viewer’s emotional response to the film. The study, published by the University of Utah, measured the … Read more

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