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3D Tech Has Little Effect on Emotional Response to Films

Although a great deal of efforts are underway to bring more 3D experiences to the masses, a newly published study suggests that the extra time, energy, and resources put into making a 3D film ultimately have very little impact on a viewer’s emotional response to the film.

The study, published by the University of Utah, measured the physiological responses of participants as they watched movie clips in either 2D or 3D format. The researchers focused on measurable clues about the viewer’s emotional state, such as how sweaty the viewer’s hands became, heaviness of breath, and the pulse rate throughout the duration of the experiment.

The results indicate that there’s very little difference between the responses of viewers who watch 3D versus 2D films.

Of course, this study won’t change the minds of any Hollywood execs, who will keep pumping out 3D films as long as they bring in viewers. As such, the most realistic impact of this study lies with its potential to convince consumers that the extra cash needed for the 3D ticket could be better spent elsewhere.

Only time will tell whether this new information plays a role in consumer behavior, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see fewer 3D films produced in the years ahead.

To read more about the study and see more research data, visit The Telegraph.

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