New Tech Allows Hunters to Shoot Around Corners


Tracking Point Inc., a Texas-based company has announced a new hunting-oriented headset that allows shooters to see a remote video feed of their gun’s scope in real-time. The ShotGlass headset — dubbed the “Google Glass” of hunting — uses a myriad of technologies to make the experience possible, including a camera embedded in the scope of the rifle, a small screen … Read more

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Google Announces New Piracy-Fighting Initiative


This week, Google announced that they will be introducing a more powerful filter to help aid them in their effort to remove links to pirated content in search results. The initiative is not Google’s first attempt at filtering-out pirated content. That honor belongs to an update rolled out in August 2012 — dubbed the “Pirate Update”. However, Google … Read more

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Cord-Cutters Rejoice: Live ESPN Streaming Service Unveiled


The NBA and ESPN have announced that a streaming service is in the works to give sports fans access to streaming videos –even live streams of regular season games– without purchasing a cable TV package. The deal marks yet another milestone in television’s great transition to the web, as live sports have been one of the few … Read more

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“Cord Cutters” Movement Continues to Grow

Cord Cutters

A recent survey indicates that the number of cable subscribers who intend on ditching their pay-TV subscriptions in the next year has increased, yet again. The survey, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, revealed that 2.9 percent of US pay-TV customers are “very likely” to cancel their service in the next year. This is up from last year’s … Read more

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