Fitness Device Makers Announce “Smart Hat”

LifeBEAM, an Israeli device manufacturer has announced a new fitness-tracking device in the form of a ball cap — or “smart hat”.

The device’s touted capabilities rival what we have come to expect from most other fitness-tracking devices in this segment, including a heart-rate monitor, calorie counter, and cadence tracker.

According to the company’s website, the wearable is available in two varieties, either as a ball cap or a visor. Both of these come in either black or white. Regardless of style, the retail price of the device is listed at $99.00 with free shipping — making it more affordable than many of the other fitness-tracking devices available right now from major players such as JawBone and Fitbit.

Of course, since the device is so new, there aren’t many reviews out there yet to confirm whether the device actually performs as described.

Still, for anyone looking for a relatively cheap way to monitor their physical activity or for people not interested in strapping devices onto their wrists, the LifeBEAM hat may be worth looking into.

More information can be found at TheStreet.comYahoo.com, or the official LifeBEAM website.


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 Image Credits: LifeBEAM

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