Radical.FM Aims To Shake-up Internet Radio


A relative newcomer to the online streaming music industry is making waves by offering an ad-free premium Internet Radio service, while letting users decide what they want to pay — and yes, users can choose to pay absolutely nothing, if they wish. The service, known as Radical.FM, is not the first time we’ve seen the pay-what-you-want model … Read more

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New Wearable Tech Could Save Cyclists’ Lives

Volvo Cars

According to an article published this week, a new technology collaboration is in the works, which aims to reduce the number of collisions between cars and cyclists by using wearable tech, proximity alerts, and embedded sensors to communicate location information to both parties in real-time.   The partnership has been struck between three Swedish companies: automaker Volvo, sports gear manufacturer POC, and telecommunications … Read more

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Announcing Website Improvements


In anticipation of the release of book two in 2015, I’ve added a new section to the site dedicated to news related to Health & Medicine innovation. Click here to check it out for yourself and discover the latest on the most exciting innovations shaping the face of modern medicine. In addition, articles related to Health & Medicine … Read more

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E-Textbook Start-up “RedShelf” Continues Gaining Momentum


The red-hot industry start-up known as RedShelf has partnered with yet another major textbook publisher, which means they now have agreements with five of the industry’s top contenders.  According to  RedShelf, publications from these five partners make-up anywhere from 60-80% of the higher education market. Clearly, this is big news for RedShelf, which is aiming to become the go-to platform for distributing … Read more

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Nielsen Report: Traditional Television on the Decline


A new report out this week from industry heavyweight Nielsen reinforces the notion that viewership of traditional (non-streaming and non-time-shifted) television is on the decline. According to the report, the average number of hours spent watching streaming video (such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime) per month has jumped to 11 hours, up from 7 hours … Read more

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