Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Device Provides Glimpse into Future


This week, Microsoft unveiled a headset that allows the wearer to see — and interact with — holograms. Ok, the digital images that the wearer sees aren’t technically holograms, since a true hologram wouldn’t require any sort of special glasses. The “technical” term for the technology used by the HoloLense is called “augmented reality”, which is really … Read more

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A Look at The Sports Stadium of Tomorrow


An article posted this week provides a glimpse into some of the high-tech features currently being built into the sports stadium of the future. The Golden State Warriors basketball team are preparing to open a brand new stadium in 2018, which will feature some of the most exciting — and ambitious — technologies ever incorporated into such a project. A small sample … Read more

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Sling TV App Brings Live TV to The Web

Sling TV on Tablet

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) this past week, Dish Network unveiled Sling TV, a low-cost web-based television package with no strings attached. The service, called “Sling TV”, is aimed at the “cord-cutters” market, which has plenty of Internet-based “video-on-demand” services, but very little choice when it comes to live television. Sling TV hopes to fill this niche by being … Read more

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Sports Wearable Detects Concussions in Real-time

concussion detecting sensor

A new wearable device, set to be unveiled at CES 2015, not only detects concussions incurred by athletes in real-time, but also transmits that data to mobile devices, allowing coaches, parents, or medical staff to monitor player safety in an unprecedented manner.  The device, known as the “Linx IAS”, is about the size of a stick … Read more

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