NFL Hopefuls Fine-Tune Skills with Fitness Tech


In preparation for the NFL Scouting Combine, some athletes have turned to new fitness-oriented technologies to boost their workouts and gain an edge over the competition. The idea of harnessing tech to improve workouts was discussed in a fair amount of detail in the first book of the series. However, for readers who aren’t familiar with … Read more

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Virtual Reality Headed For The Clouds


An article posted this week indicated that the Australian carrier Qantas will start offering some passengers virtual reality headsets as part of their in-flight entertainment. The company is reportedly testing the use of the technology in a three month trial period. During that time, premium passengers will be given the option to use a Samsung virtual reality headset — … Read more

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Viacom Announces Kid-Oriented Streaming Service


This week, Viacom announced a new video streaming service that will be geared towards younger viewers. While still sparse on details, the announcement is nonetheless another sign that  the major television distributors are starting to take the threat — or opportunity — of online media distribution seriously. We do know, however, that the service will include popular Nickelodeon … Read more

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