NFL Hopefuls Fine-Tune Skills with Fitness Tech

In preparation for the NFL Scouting Combine, some athletes have turned to new fitness-oriented technologies to boost their workouts and gain an edge over the competition.

The idea of harnessing tech to improve workouts was discussed in a fair amount of detail in the first book of the series. However, for readers who aren’t familiar with the concept, the basic idea is to have  athletes wear sensors while training, in order to collect data about their activity levels during the workout. This data can then be used to fine-tune the workout, discover weaknesses in the athletes form, or hone-in on specific skills.

When IOI:Entertainment was published in early 2014, the idea of using fitness tech to improve training routines still wasn’t an idea embraced by many. A year later, however, it seems that athletes are starting to realize the benefit of such an approach.

For example, an article published this week highlights how a group of NFL prospects are using an array of tech-oriented training techniques to boost their appeal at the NFL Combine.

At the center of the tech-focused approach used by the group is an elaborate data-gathering system called the Adidas miCoach Elite. 


Although the device is similar to other consumer-facing data gathering devices, the miCoach is an industrial-grade system reportedly far more advanced than anything you’d pick up at the store. Nevertheless, the primary focus of the device is pretty much what you’d expect from a health-oriented wearable: gather data about acceleration, speed, power, and movement.

The data is communicated wirelessly to mobile devices operated by the coaching staff, who can then dial-up or cut-back the intensity of the workout based on real bio-metric data — in real time.  This approach allows the coaches to help ensure that the athletes stay in that sweet spot where they continue improving, but with a reduced risk of over-training or injury.

For now, this sort of training style is really only being used by a minority of athletes, but as word continues to spread about this approach, it is foreseeable –and quite probable — that it will become the preferred tactic for professional athletes worldwide; largely due to the benefits described above.

In the meantime, I’d recommend keeping an eye on your favorite athletes and sports teams to see how their training techniques adjust to the growing trend of tech-oriented training.

To read more about the NFL prospects’ training, check out the full write-up on re/code.

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