An Insider’s Look at The Future of Sports Tech


Last week, a group of industry insiders gathered to discuss their views and exchange ideas regarding the changing role of technology in the sports community. The role of technology in sports was discussed at great length in the IOI:Entertainment book, but many of the ideas about how tech will transform the industry have yet to … Read more

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Internet Piracy Drops As New Canadian Law Takes Effect


A new law in Canada requiring internet service providers to forward copyright notices to customers has resulted in a significant decrease in Internet piracy. The data has yet to be confirmed by any outside sources, so it may not be entirely reliable, but according to CEG TEK International (a “copyright monetization firm”) piracy has dropped around … Read more

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Stem Therapy Procedure Shows Promise in Restoring Eyesight


Researchers from the University of Toronto have discovered a new technique that greatly improves the effectiveness of stem therapy. The official release outlines how the durability and effectiveness of stem cells can be improved if they are first wrapped in a protective liquid, or “hydrogel”.  This substance gives the stem cells a much higher chance of surviving the injection and integrating … Read more

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“HBO NOW” Success Proves Cord-Cutting is Here To Stay


The recently launched “HBO NOW” service has enjoyed a massively successful launch, receiving enough downloads to reach the #1 spot on the iPad revenue chart and the #2 spot on the iPhone revenue chart. Although there hasn’t been any official numbers released by HBO, reaching two highly coveted positions on the App Store signal that the new standalone subscription … Read more

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Doctor’s Appointments are Moving to the Cloud


Some innovative health plans are now allowing patients to attend their doctor’s appointments from the comfort of their own home via video chat software. As of April 30th 2015, the largest health insurer in the U.S. — UnitedHealthcare — will cover doctor visits conducted through video chat software such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. UnitedHealthcare is not the first company … Read more

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