Visit Ancient Earth With This Virtual Reality Museum Exhibit


The London National History Museum is bringing virtual reality to the masses with a new exhibit that takes visitors back in time, allowing them to see what ancient life looked like on Earth. At the exhibit, visitors strap on VR headsets and are then transported more than 500 million years into the past, where they’ll be immersed in a … Read more

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Online NFL Game To Be Broadcast by Yahoo!


It was announced this week that Yahoo! will globally broadcast one NFL game over the Web in October. The move is historic in that it marks the first time a publicly accessible NFL broadcast will take place on the Web . Note that it is not the first time that an NFL game has been broadcast … Read more

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“Smart Clothing” Arena Continues To Heat-up


This week, Google unveiled a partnership with Levi Strauss, which will focus on creating “smart clothing” by integrating conductive materials into fabrics. The move is a sign that the tech giant is taking the budding “smart clothing” industry seriously. At the very least, they are exploring how smart clothing may fit into their vision of the … Read more

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