Why Don’t We Have Online Voting in Elections Yet?

American Flag Vote Button

While browsing the web and watching video clips from a few of the recent presidential debates, an interesting thought crossed my mind: why can’t we vote in elections online? After all, we can watch and re-watch nearly every debate, interview, and political advertisement on demand, participate in discussion forums and online polls, and even ask questions to … Read more

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Review: Syma X5C-1 Drone Quadcopter

Syma Toys X5C-1

This past week I was given the chance to compete in a drone-flying competition and although I had never flown a drone before, it seemed like it would be a pretty interesting experience, so I gladly accepted the challenge. Now, to be clear, I did have some prior experience piloting a remote control helicopter that my wife had bought me … Read more

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This One Video Clip Summarizes Why Self-Driving Cars Are The Future

Tesla Auto-Pilot Collision Prevention

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of self-driving cars and that I simply can’t wait for the impending transportation revolution to kick into high gear. Still, I realize that some readers may not yet share my optimistic outlook on the benefits that self-driving cars will bring to society in the future. For those readers, … Read more

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Top 10 Tech Gifts for Dad

A Christmas Story

This week’s post comes to you from Allan Calder. For more on Allan, check out his Google+ page. With the holidays fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. Last week, we posted our overall top ten list of tech gift ideas, but sometimes the hardest person to buy a Christmas gift for … Read more

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Top 10 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas For 2015


It may be hard to believe, but we are already in November, which means we are rapidly approaching the holiday season. With that in mind, it seemed like a great time to take a quick look at what tech gifts are most likely to top the lists this year. No. 1- Health Fitness Bands Wearable fitness tracking … Read more

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