Is This a Blog About Futurism?

While looking into a few other blogs, I started thinking about how blogs are categorized — and more specifically, how this blog is categorized.

Now, the categorization really isn’t all that important if you’re already on the site. After all, you can just browse through the content and make your own judgments. However, if you’ve never visited the site before and are searching for new blogs online, the categorization becomes a little more important — so it’s at least worth considering the question: how should this blog be categorized?

Typically, I describe the blog as a cross-between a tech-news site and a blog about “futurism”/”futurology”, but really, it doesn’t quite fit into either category.

You won’t find reviews of the latest smartphones on here, nor will you find articles detailing the latest tech industry rumors or gossip — so it would be hard to make the case that this is a tech news site. At the same time, it doesn’t really fit into the “futurism” blog criteria, as I don’t spend all that much time writing about Ray Kurzweil, the singularity, or making bold predictions about how particular technologies will mature at various points in the future.

Instead, on this site, you’ll find many posts describing emerging technologies, with descriptions about how those technologies might translate into real-world changes… eventually. So really, it’s sort of a hybrid — which is fine by me — but I suppose it could make things a bit confusing for new and potential readers.

At any rate, if you came to this site hoping to find a more “traditional” futurism blog, I’m glad you decided to stop by! Take a look around; you might find an article or two that you enjoy. After that, you may want to consider heading over to one of these blogs on futurism that I visit from time-to-time:
The Futurist Blog
Jack Uldrich Blog
World Future Society

Now, to answer the question posed in the title:

Yes, this is a blog about futurism, but I doubt that many people who call themselves futurists would agree with that assessment, since it deviates quite a bit from the norm and also has a strong focus on how technology is affecting society today. See posts like this and this for proof.

Clear as mud, eh?

No matter, here’s to the writing and enjoyment of many more blog posts that can’t easily be categorized! (Who wants to have their writing put into a neat little box anyway!?)

– Tom

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