The Advent of Interactive Sports Fan Tech

NBA All-Star Game 2016

Note: Today’s post comes from Allan Calder. For more on Allan, check out his Google+ page! Once in a while you come across a topic that you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into – figuratively speaking of course! That happened to me when I was watching the news the other day. There was … Read more

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Will Virtual Reality Kill The Big City?

New York City Skyline

A few days ago, I came across a fascinating article describing how virtual reality will reshape the workplace of the future. The premise of the article is that companies will use virtual reality to transport the traditional office environment over to the virtual world. That is, instead of requiring all employees to meet up in a physical building … Read more

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Bringing the World Online


Note: Today’s post comes from Allan Calder. For more on Allan, check out his Google+ page! When you’re writing a blog, no matter what the subject matter, you sometimes struggle trying to come up with a topic for your next piece and until recently I was suffering through one of these periods, but then I … Read more

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Is Movie Piracy Being Used as a Weapon?

Hateful Eight

Happy new year! Over the holidays, an interesting story emerged concerning Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, The Hateful Eight. If you aren’t familiar with the film, it’s a western flick set in the post-civil war era. The plot really isn’t the point of this article, so if you don’t know much about it, no worries. Nonetheless, the trailer is … Read more

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Is This a Blog About Futurism?


While looking into a few other blogs, I started thinking about how blogs are categorized — and more specifically, how this blog is categorized. Now, the categorization really isn’t all that important if you’re already on the site. After all, you can just browse through the content and make your own judgments. However, if you’ve never … Read more

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Ready or Not, The Drone Revolution is Coming

Amazon Delivery Drone

With the holiday season in full swing, the local package delivery trucks have become almost as prevalent as the December raindrops here in Seattle. The annual “gauntlet of package getting” has become somewhat of a holiday tradition around the world as the popularity of buying gifts online has continued increasing over the last decade. As one of … Read more

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What is Gene Editing and Why Should You Care?

Genome Close-up

A few weeks ago, a group of genetic experts met in Washington, D.C. to discuss the state of “gene-editing” technologies and the ethics surrounding their use. The conference — called the “International Summit on Human Gene Editing” — touched on all sorts of issues, but one of the main purposes of the summit was to determine how governments and … Read more

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Top Five Ways Tech Is Changing the Holiday Season

Santa Cell Phone

Note: Today’s post comes from Allan Calder. For more on Allan, check out his page on Google+. If you were to transport yourself back in time about 35 years the holiday season would look a lot different. Computers were in their infancy and only a select few had them in their homes, there was no such … Read more

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6 Innovative Transportation Technologies You Should Know – Part II

BlaBlaCar Ride

In part one of our series on the most innovative transportation technologies you should know, we focused on a few of the more futuristic automobiles and advanced transportation machines currently in development. In part two, we’ll shift gears a bit and take a look at a handful of the most innovative transportation services that are currently making waves in the industry. … Read more

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Why Don’t We Have Online Voting in Elections Yet?

American Flag Vote Button

While browsing the web and watching video clips from a few of the recent presidential debates, an interesting thought crossed my mind: why can’t we vote in elections online? After all, we can watch and re-watch nearly every debate, interview, and political advertisement on demand, participate in discussion forums and online polls, and even ask questions to … Read more

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