Top 10 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas For 2015


It may be hard to believe, but we are already in November, which means we are rapidly approaching the holiday season. With that in mind, it seemed like a great time to take a quick look at what tech gifts are most likely to top the lists this year. No. 1- Health Fitness Bands Wearable fitness tracking … Read more

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Top Stories this Week – Streaming Backlash, Sling TV, and the Hyperloop

I found some time to do some site maintenance this weekend, so you may notice that I added a new section highlighting the latest innovations in Transportation. This is now the third major category of society covered by this blog (the other two being Entertainment and Health). Expect even more subjects to be added in the … Read more

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Top Stories this Week – Genomic Sequencing, Moths, and Concerts


Top Stories for the week ending July 18th, 2015: New Genomic Sequencing Initiative Announced A state-owned company called Genomics England has announced an initiative to sequence 100,000 genomes. The effort is notable in that it could potentially provide the spark needed to ignite more rapid innovations in areas related to genetics. Link: The UK’s Plan to Sequence … Read more

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Top Stories this Week – New Music, ESPN, and Apple Watch Woes


Note: this is the first post following the new post format. For more information about the switch, please read the write-up here. Music industry announces global initiative to release new albums on Fridays Industry insiders hail the switch as something that will stimulate sales, as shoppers will be more likely to buy new music as … Read more

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Artist-Owned Tidal Music Streaming Service Launches


This week, a new streaming music service was launched, aiming to shake-up how streaming royalties are distributed in the industry. The service, called TIDAL, was purchased by Jay Z in early March from Swedish firm Aspiro. In a rather quick turn-around, Jay Z announced the re-launch of the service this week with the help of some of the biggest names … Read more

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Streaming Music Sales Surpass CD’s


This week, the RIAA released a report indicating that in 2014,  for the first time ever, streaming music sales created more revenue than CD’s. The statistic is notable in that it marks an official turning point in the shape of the music industry. Although, make no mistake about it, the demand for streaming music has been steadily growing over the … Read more

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Radical.FM Aims To Shake-up Internet Radio


A relative newcomer to the online streaming music industry is making waves by offering an ad-free premium Internet Radio service, while letting users decide what they want to pay — and yes, users can choose to pay absolutely nothing, if they wish. The service, known as Radical.FM, is not the first time we’ve seen the pay-what-you-want model … Read more

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iTunes Music Sales Drop 14% in 2014


A recent report by the Wall Street Journal indicates that music downloads on iTunes have plummeted by nearly 14% in 2014. Frequent readers of this blog — or of the book series — may not be very surprised by this report, as there have already been numerous signs lately that streaming music is quickly becoming the preferred way for consumers to … Read more

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‘JamStik Guitar’ Turns Mobile Devices into Instruments


The “JamStik Guitar”, which aims to turn mobile devices into portable music-making machines, is now being offered to the masses via the Apple and Amazon online stores. The name of the device may sound a bit familiar, as it was mentioned in the tech-news outlets quite a bit back in early 2013, when the device was first announced. Since … Read more

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