Visit Ancient Earth With This Virtual Reality Museum Exhibit


The London National History Museum is bringing virtual reality to the masses with a new exhibit that takes visitors back in time, allowing them to see what ancient life looked like on Earth. At the exhibit, visitors strap on VR headsets and are then transported more than 500 million years into the past, where they’ll be immersed in a … Read more

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Virtual Reality Headed For The Clouds


An article posted this week indicated that the Australian carrier Qantas will start offering some passengers virtual reality headsets as part of their in-flight entertainment. The company is reportedly testing the use of the technology in a three month trial period. During that time, premium passengers will be given the option to use a Samsung virtual reality headset — … Read more

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Artist Creates 3D Sculptures Using VR Headset


A video surfaced this week showing an artist sculpting a virtual statue by way of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, a precision motion controller called the “Razer Hydra”, and the “VRClay” app. In the video clip, the artist can be seen manipulating the position of the virtual statues with one hand, while pushing, pulling, … Read more

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