Ready or Not, The Drone Revolution is Coming

Amazon Delivery Drone

With the holiday season in full swing, the local package delivery trucks have become almost as prevalent as the December raindrops here in Seattle. The annual “gauntlet of package getting” has become somewhat of a holiday tradition around the world as the popularity of buying gifts online has continued increasing over the last decade. As one of … Read more

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Why Don’t We Have Online Voting in Elections Yet?

American Flag Vote Button

While browsing the web and watching video clips from a few of the recent presidential debates, an interesting thought crossed my mind: why can’t we vote in elections online? After all, we can watch and re-watch nearly every debate, interview, and political advertisement on demand, participate in discussion forums and online polls, and even ask questions to … Read more

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9 Emerging Technologies with Spooky Consequences

3 Ghosts

Happy Halloween! It’s the time of year where tricks, treats, and pranks are everywhere, so it seemed like a great time to take a look at a few of the potentially spooky consequences of technology that we may be facing in the years ahead. As an optimist, it’s important to note that none of these outcomes … Read more

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Wi Fi Phones: Cellular Phone Service For Two Bucks a Month


“Why am I paying so much for cell phone service?” A few weeks ago, I decided to go through my budget and really take a good look at what exactly I was paying for each month. One of the first things I decided to cut from the budget was my cable subscription, although getting rid … Read more

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