Top Five Ways Tech Is Changing the Holiday Season

Santa Cell Phone

Note: Today’s post comes from Allan Calder. For more on Allan, check out his page on Google+. If you were to transport yourself back in time about 35 years the holiday season would look a lot different. Computers were in their infancy and only a select few had them in their homes, there was no such … Read more

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Top 10 Tech Gifts for Dad

A Christmas Story

This week’s post comes to you from Allan Calder. For more on Allan, check out his Google+ page. With the holidays fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. Last week, we posted our overall top ten list of tech gift ideas, but sometimes the hardest person to buy a Christmas gift for … Read more

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Top 10 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas For 2015


It may be hard to believe, but we are already in November, which means we are rapidly approaching the holiday season. With that in mind, it seemed like a great time to take a quick look at what tech gifts are most likely to top the lists this year. No. 1- Health Fitness Bands Wearable fitness tracking … Read more

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The Kardeshev Scale Explained

A "Dyson Swarm" surrounding a star

Even though this blog is mostly focused on current and emerging technologies, I think it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and try to get a better understanding about where we — as a civilization — are from a “big picture” standpoint. One concept that I’ve found helpful in achieving … Read more

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7 Reasons President Clinton Would Be Good for the Tech Industry

We’ve already taken a look at 7 reasons the “Trump-o-nator” would improve the tech sector if elected, so — as promised — here’s a rundown of all the ways that Hillary Clinton would benefit the tech industry if she emerges victorious next November. 1. Increased popularity of cell phone tracking software With less time on her hands, Mrs. Clinton will need to find some way to keep … Read more

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7 Reasons President Trump Would Be Good for the Tech Industry

Since this blog is focused on the changing roles of technology in society, it seemed like it would be appropriate to address how tech might be impacted when the U.S. elects a new president next year. At the moment, the front runner on the Republican side is billionaire businessman, Donald Trump. So, I decided it … Read more

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