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My name’s Tom Stuczynski and I’ve made it my goal to help others discover how the latest technologies are reshaping the world around us. This blog tracks and discusses the most interesting and noteworthy tech innovations poised to change society.

Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Please note that since this blog is focused on technology, I’m legally obligated to disclose that I’m a Microsoft employee. All opinions and viewpoints expressed on this website, on social media, or in any other form are mine alone. I am not an official spokesperson for Microsoft and any opinions put forth are not necessarily shared by my employer.

I try to keep my side-projects as separate as possible from my full-time position, so I’ll strive to steer clear of discussing anything that could lead to any sort of confusion or potential conflict in my role as a blogger/author and my full-time position as an engineer at Microsoft.

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