Is Movie Piracy Being Used as a Weapon?

Hateful Eight

Happy new year! Over the holidays, an interesting story emerged concerning Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, The Hateful Eight. If you aren’t familiar with the film, it’s a western flick set in the post-civil war era. The plot really isn’t the point of this article, so if you don’t know much about it, no worries. Nonetheless, the trailer is … Read more

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Video Streaming Surpasses Disc Rental Revenue

Video Streaming Services

It was announced this week that revenue from video streaming services has finally surpassed that of physical media — such as DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs. On Thursday, Yahoo! Finance reported that in QR3 of this year, physical media rental revenue declined 18% year-over-year to $793 million.  Meanwhile subscription streaming revenue increased 26% up to $1.03 billion in the same time … Read more

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3D Tech Has Little Effect on Emotional Response to Films

Red blue 3D glasses Wallpaper__yvt2

Although a great deal of efforts are underway to bring more 3D experiences to the masses, a newly published study suggests that the extra time, energy, and resources put into making a 3D film ultimately have very little impact on a viewer’s emotional response to the film. The study, published by the University of Utah, measured the … Read more

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Vision Correcting Displays Could One Day Replace Reading Glasses


Get ready to ditch those old reading glasses, because “vision correcting” displays could be popping up in all sorts of devices in the not-so-distant future. A recent study — published by the MIT Technology Review — suggests that technology is in the works to enable devices to adjust the content on screen to “undo” the effects of vision … Read more

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