Artist-Owned Tidal Music Streaming Service Launches


This week, a new streaming music service was launched, aiming to shake-up how streaming royalties are distributed in the industry. The service, called TIDAL, was purchased by Jay Z in early March from Swedish firm Aspiro. In a rather quick turn-around, Jay Z announced the re-launch of the service this week with the help of some of the biggest names … Read more

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Streaming Music Sales Surpass CD’s


This week, the RIAA released a report indicating that in 2014,  for the first time ever, streaming music sales created more revenue than CD’s. The statistic is notable in that it marks an official turning point in the shape of the music industry. Although, make no mistake about it, the demand for streaming music has been steadily growing over the … Read more

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Billboard Music Charts Start Tracking “Streams”


This week, Billboard announced that they will start including streaming music from services like Spotify, Beats Music, and Rhapsody –among others– in their calculations when creating most music charts. The change is noteworthy in that it solidifies streaming music as a permanent fixture in the industry, rather than just another passing trend. Overall, the music industry … Read more

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