How Big Cable is Fudging The Cord-Cutting Numbers


In June, I moved across town and into a new place. As is typical, I had to get in contact with a handful of service providers and let them know of my address change. I decided to use the opportunity to take an “inventory” of what services I was paying for and decide whether there was … Read more

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16% of Canadians Don’t Have Cable TV


A recent report by CBC indicates that 16% of Canadians don’t have cable TV service, up from 12% three years ago. What does this tell us? Well, for starters, it is confirmation that the cord-cutting movement is not isolated to the United States. Cord-cutting is an idea that seems destined to spread anywhere where Internet speeds are … Read more

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Online NFL Game To Be Broadcast by Yahoo!


It was announced this week that Yahoo! will globally broadcast one NFL game over the Web in October. The move is historic in that it marks the first time a publicly accessible NFL broadcast will take place on the Web . Note that it is not the first time that an NFL game has been broadcast … Read more

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TV and Radio Still Attracting Large Audiences in U.S.


This month, Nielsen released a report indicating that TV and radio still attract larger audiences than desktop web-surfing, mobile web browsing, or video-on-demand services. The breakdown, according to Neilsen, is as follows: Live TV (not time-shifted): 285 million AM/FM radio: 258 million PC Internet surfing: 198 million Mobile web browsing or mobile app usage: 164 million At a … Read more

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Sling TV App Brings Live TV to The Web

Sling TV on Tablet

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) this past week, Dish Network unveiled Sling TV, a low-cost web-based television package with no strings attached. The service, called “Sling TV”, is aimed at the “cord-cutters” market, which has plenty of Internet-based “video-on-demand” services, but very little choice when it comes to live television. Sling TV hopes to fill this niche by being … Read more

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Nielsen Report: Traditional Television on the Decline


A new report out this week from industry heavyweight Nielsen reinforces the notion that viewership of traditional (non-streaming and non-time-shifted) television is on the decline. According to the report, the average number of hours spent watching streaming video (such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime) per month has jumped to 11 hours, up from 7 hours … Read more

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“Cord Cutters” Movement Continues to Grow

Cord Cutters

A recent survey indicates that the number of cable subscribers who intend on ditching their pay-TV subscriptions in the next year has increased, yet again. The survey, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, revealed that 2.9 percent of US pay-TV customers are “very likely” to cancel their service in the next year. This is up from last year’s … Read more

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Vision Correcting Displays Could One Day Replace Reading Glasses


Get ready to ditch those old reading glasses, because “vision correcting” displays could be popping up in all sorts of devices in the not-so-distant future. A recent study — published by the MIT Technology Review — suggests that technology is in the works to enable devices to adjust the content on screen to “undo” the effects of vision … Read more

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