This One Video Clip Summarizes Why Self-Driving Cars Are The Future

Tesla Auto-Pilot Collision Prevention

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of self-driving cars and that I simply can’t wait for the impending transportation revolution to kick into high gear. Still, I realize that some readers may not yet share my optimistic outlook on the benefits that self-driving cars will bring to society in the future. For those readers, … Read more

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Watch Tesla’s “Auto-Pilot” Tech Drive a Car in Traffic

Tesla Auto-Pilot

Auto-Pilot Hits The Streets We’ve already taken a few different looks at the importance of autonomous cars and how they are almost certainly going to change the way people get around, but due to the futuristic nature of the idea, it can sometimes come across as an abstract concept that won’t actually affect our daily lives anytime soon.  That’s … Read more

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